Monday, November 02, 2009

Say It... Cake.

It's time for a new blog venture for me!  I love sharing my cakes on this site, I ran a site called when Obama was running for president, and now I have a new site called  If you are a fan of cakes, Twilight and Stephenie Meyer's awesome/hilarious vampire universe in general, then come on over and check it out!  I'll feature Twilight inspired desserts and even post a tutorial or two so you can make some Twi-sweets of your own.

As Emmett would say: "We'll tear it apart and eat the pieces".    It is a little known fact that Emmett loves deer flavored cake.  There, now you just learned something!  Just imagine what glorious facts you will learn from the site! 

PS - If you have made any fun Twilight Saga inspired cakes or if you know someone who has, then send the pics on over to

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