Monday, October 19, 2009

Ponyo Cake

For two years now, I have participated in the PS 234 annual auction.  A good friend of mine teaches there, and meeting all the parents (it's an elementary school in NY) and making a cake for one generous person is so much fun.  This year I was very lucky, because the parent who won my cake requested a Ponyo cake!  For anyone who has not seen this adorable movie, I suggest you go see it as soon as you can.  Ponyo is a little fish who lives in the ocean and dreams of being a real girl.  It's so magical and I can see why four year old Jade loves it so much.

I decided to show Ponyo running on the waves rising out of the ocean.  In the movie, the waves morph into fish as they rise out of the ocean, and then become regular waves again as they crash back down.

The cake was a delicious dark chocolate with fresh strawberry frosting.  Happy birthday Jade!


Katie said...

This is awesome! It really captures the spirit of the movie. Nice work Cake Hero - Katie

katherine said...

Wow, looks really good. I'm doing research for my daughters 4th birthday this weekend- she wants ponyo so I'm trying to work out how i'll make it! strangely enough, I think i saw your facecake on threadcakes last year, because i saved an image and ended up making a vey similar (ok-practically identical) cake for my sons 5th last october.
my facecake:

Cake Hero said...

Thank you so much Katherine, what an honor that my cake (and of course the original artwork) inspired you! Yours looks amazing...great work!

Anonymous said...

It was AMAZING!!! Jade loved the cake and it was beyond expectations. So, I'll be calling you for her 5th!