Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Van Halen Cake

Scott, a bud who has ordered some really fun cakes in the past (you can see them here and here) turned 35 this year, and to commemorate the occasion ordered a Eddie Van Halen guitar stripes cake.  You know, it seems simple enough, just a bunch of stripes, but man did it take time!  It was definitely worth it though, Scott was thrilled with his cake!

Happy birthday Scott!


Hillary said...

I ate this cake too! It was soooo yummy. Perfectly fluffy and moist with delicious frosting. Is there a synonym for moist? That word is just too much sometimes. Nope, I looked and all the synonyms for moist are not words that you'd want to use about food. The cake was softly damp in a melt-in-your-mouth sort of way.

Dan said...


Tamara said...

So sparkly and awesome! r

Owlie said...

wow!!! how did you made the logo?