Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hillary and Dan's Wedding

My very awesome friends Dan and Hillary got married this summer, and not only did I get to be in the wedding (first time bridesmaid, so much fun!), but I also made the wedding cake(s).  The bridesmaids all wore different dresses of our choosing, the only rule being that they had to be a range of pinks.  The concept was so sweet and modern and fun, I decided to use it as my inspiration for the cakes.  We decided on four cakes, vanilla with fresh berry frosting.  I tried to use as little food coloring as possible, so the colors are soft but I think so pretty, they really complimented the wedding's natural, outdoorsy, stylish vibe.  All flowers are edible.

Congrats to Hillary and Dan, and a special shout out to Hill, who was the very best bride a bridesmaid could ask for.  : )

Photos were taken by the amazing Jenny Kim.


Tabitha said...

Those cakes are so dreamy and beautiful!! Will you post (or email me) the recipe you used for the frosting? Please?

Thank you!

Laura said...

May I say that they are wonderful?!?!? I follow you!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your website, you are SO talented! I'm trying my hand at cake decorating at the moment and you're a great inspiration for me!

Julie said...

Beautiful cakes.

Julie said...

Beautiful cakes.

Alison said...

So PRETTY!!!!!!