Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Louisiana Cake

This cake is special, because it comes with an announcement.  First, the cake:

It is a chocolate cake with peppermint buttercream frosting.  My friend Scott asked his friends to email me with their thoughts on what his birthday cake should be, and while there were some pretty interesting and fun suggestions ("Something with a pig shredding a guitar solo, with sausages for musical notes"), most of them tied in to where Scott was born and raised, New Orleans, Louisiana.  I decided to make a New Orleans cake with a fleur-de-lis in honor of the Saints, and a Magnolia blossom, which is the state flower.  

Now, for my announcement.  


Tadaaaa tada tada tadaaaaa!  That is my goal.  I have given myself as much time as I need, but if anyone wants in on this project, I will be posting a list in the sidebar soon that will show what states have been made and what states remain to be made.  If you are in the NY area and want to honor youR home state in cake form, then send me an email with your order!  New Jersey has already been made, but since it is my home state I am thinking about ending this with ANOTHER NJ cake.  A few states have already been claimed by friends but if you are set on having a state cake then email me and we'll see what we can work out!

Happy birthday Scott! 


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Shredder said...

Are you still thinking of doing this Sufjan-esque cake project? Because I would devour an Illinois cake. It's the land of Lincoln! The Prairie State! It's got the Windy City!

Cake Hero said...

I do want to continue with the United Cakes of America project! I have been busy lately so it's taken a back seat but if you want a state cake feel free to email me at to order one!