Monday, October 05, 2009

Jack's Big Music Show

Here is another one that has been waiting to be posted for quite some time.  I'm actually really excited for a few reasons:  1.  I thought for sure that the last time my computer crashed I had lost these pics, but yay!  I found them.  2.  Rachel and her husband seem like the sweetest people, and the email that they sent me (which you will find below) seriously brought tears to my eyes.  I have made these guys from JBMS a few times now and I feel sort of a sense of ownership with them (I wish I had invented them!) and to see that they were so appreciated by this family really makes me feel so happy.  So happy birthday Dylan, and thanks to Rachel and fam for their kind words!

I am sorry this is so late, but I wanted to thank you so very much for the cake, it was amazing and it made his birthday what it was, as we weren't having a huge party but this cake was the highlight.  We didn't tell anyone about it until the party, so you can imagine the reaction. Best of all my son loved it, when we took it out of the box he clapped his hands and tried to dive towards it to get to it, of course I wouldn't let him.  haha
After the party was over, I carefully took each character off along with whatever else I could take off and then we cut into the cake.  The cake was amazing, yes we did share with a few friends and the birthday boy as well.  haha
I was so impressed by the work of the characters that we decided to keep them as a memento from his first birthday.  I put them in a box and let them get hard, the we shellacked them, stuck them into some spray painted Styrofoam and then put into a shadow box that we have hung in his room.  (see pictures attached.)  My husband and I thank you again for that amazing cake, it made his first birthday more special for him then we could have ever imagined. 
Thanks again
Kevin and Rachel
and Dylan too   =)

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