Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Holiday Cakes

Phew!  After a very hectic holiday season I am now finally able to sit down and share some pics.  These here are some photos of only a few of the 17 cakes I made for a bud.  It took a long time and lots of elbow grease but it was a lot of fun and when it was done, I was definitely impressed with myself!  17 cakes was no joke!  

Unfortunately I was a little lazy about taking nice pictures...I was so beat after the cakes that I decided to just take a quick few.  I have also included a pic of all the layers of cake, and a picture of all the cakes stacked up in my fridge.  Yowza.


Vanessa said...

Little baby Jesus is very proud of you! But Mary the mother of God wonders what you ate that week, since there was no room in your fridge for food.

Ken the Cooking Drummer said...

Freakin bad ass! LOL I want you to make me an ultra Satanic evil looking cake for me. And by that I mean stuff like.... Cannibal Corpse art... check it out lol.

Your a talented lil birdie. Go williamsburg. :-D

lyndsay said...